Board of Directors

Ann's Hope Key Personnel

Board of Directors

Anne Frentzel, Chairman of the Board
Ann Harrington, President
Sara Agamaite, Education and Volunteer Chairman
Suzannah Bong, P.A., Medical Advisor, P.A., Surgical
Cheri Cope, Vice President
Peggy Giles, Social Media and Marketing
Ryan Maniscalco, Treasurer
Debbie Schaefer, Marketing
Kristie Siepmann, Event Planner
Robyn Spang, Member-at-Large
Amanda Teske, Legal, S.C.

Medical Advisory Panel

Dr. Jed Engler – Oncology, UW-CCC, Retired
Suzannah Bong, P.A., Medical Advisor, P.A., Surgical
Dr. Jolene Andryk – Plastic Surgeon, Aurora Health Care
Dr. Christopher Hussussian – Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgery
Dr. Kristina Kleven – Dermatologist, Affiliated Dermatology

Founding & Honorary Board

Michele Deubel, Founding BOD Member
Rania Dempsey, Founding BOD Member
Kathleen Rawlsky, Founding BOD Member
John Bartosz, Founding BOD Member and Emeritus

Caucasians and men over the age of 50 have an increased risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

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